July Book Club: The Night In Lisbon

July Book Club: The Night In Lisbon

 Greetings, fellow bibliophiles! As the summer nights grow longer, we invite you to choose a classic novel and delve into the mesmerizing world of Erich Maria Remarque’s "The Night in Lisbon." This month’s book club selection transports us to the twilight of World War II Europe, weaving a tale of love and the relentless quest for freedom.

Remarque, best known for his poignant war novels, truly captured our hearts with "The Night in Lisbon." Set against the backdrop of a war-torn Europe, the story follows two refugees who find solace and companionship in each other during one fateful night. As they traverse the cobbled streets of Lisbon, their pasts unravel, revealing a narrative of survival and hope that is elegantly written and imbued with a melodramatic sense of human emotion. Remarque's stories twirl through tragedy with an elegant sorrow, their beauty unfolding in the delicate echoes of heartache.

The novel's melancholic beauty is reminiscent of a bittersweet symphony, where every note echoes with the pain of loss and the faint glimmer of hope. It’s a story that invites introspection, urging us to ponder the fragility of human connections amidst the chaos of history.

For those who cherish tales of love and resilience, "The Night in Lisbon" pairs perfectly with our "Pride and Prejudice" book bag. Much like Elizabeth Bennet's strength and determination, the characters in Remarque's novel navigate their perilous journey with unwavering resolve. Showcase this bag as you traverse your own adventures, reminding you of the enduring spirit found within these pages.

This month, let "The Night in Lisbon" sweep you away with its captivating narrative. Share your thoughts and reflections on this powerful story with us on social media or in the comments below. Your insights and perspectives make our book club community vibrant and enriching!

And don’t forget to join us next month for another enchanting selection from The Well Read Company Book Club. Until then, happy reading!

Ffion Snaith

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